Vintage Furniture – What We Do

“We hunt for it. We find it. We haul it. We clean it. We sand in. We paint it. We wax it. We haul it. (Again). We stage it. We sell it. We miss it. But we love what we do.”

Entering The Mustard Seed Christian Books and Gifts, 119 S. 18th, you will now find books, decor, gifts and other items staged throughout the store on kitchen tables and chairs, curio shelves, pie stands, desks, dressers and entertainment cabinets. The presence of the furniture is more than an artistic means of displaying items to appeal to our customers, it is actually for sale. Besides hunting for and refurbishing old furniture to sell, we also do custom furniture painting for people.

How We Find Our Pieces
People ask us to come haul off old furniture they no longer want. We go through storage units and old barns. We go to garage sales and auctions. Call us if you have something you think we might want.

What We Do With Our Furniture
We refurbishing furniture with chalk paint. It is not chalkboard paint. Chalk paint is a type of paint that will adhere to metal, concrete and wood without sanding everything off first. Then we finish them the old-fashioned way with furniture wax, not polyurethane. We also record the paint color and information about the piece in case someone wants another piece done to match it.

Why The Name Redeemed and Repurposed
Redeemed and Repurposed reminds us what Christ did for us; redeeming us and giving us purpose. We take discarded pieces that people don’t consider of any value, then paint and repair them so that they become of value to someone again. Every piece we complete, we give a Biblical name and coinciding Scripture.

What Does It Cost
We try to go with real wood pieces, so we can fix it and it lasts – selling a decent refurbished piece at a decent cost. Scattered about the store, there are dining room table sets with four chairs for $80, $90 and $120, end tables for $25 and $30, chairs for $25 and more. We have some larger kitchen tables that seat six or eight that sell for $150 or so but I don’t think we have anything priced over $200. The cost all depends on what we have to pay for it and what we have to do to it, but we try to keep it so we have nice furniture affordable to anyone.