Redeemed & Repurposed Vintage Furniture

“I love the idea of taking discarded pieces that people don’t consider of any value, painting and repairing them, so that they become of value to someone again.” -Peggy Weidert

Scattered throughout The Mustard Seed there are dining room table sets with chairs, kitchen tables and chairs, curio shelves, pie stands, desk, dressers, end tables, chairs, and entertainment cabinets. They are more than an artistic means of displaying items; they are for sale. Every piece has been “Redeemed & Repurposed” then given a Biblical name and coinciding Scripture. The paint color and information about the piece has been recorded also.

Redeemed & Repurposed strives to sell a decent refurbished piece at a decent cost. We try to go with real wood pieces, so when we fix it, it will last. The only problem is, our pieces don’t last long in the store, so stop in and check out the ever changing product line of Redeemed & Repurposed!

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We would love to have your scuffed, scratched, broken, stained or simply outdated furniture!